Invest & Trade
Exclusive event for professional and institutional crypto traders & investors. Online and VR immersive.

Organized by Crypto Rebel & SMC Capital

August 29 | Thursday
9pm Singapore | 9am NYC | 2pm London
Online VR
About Invest & Trade

Tired of all the zoom & hangout events? Feel disconnected from the real world and communities of investors and traders? Us too! When we have a Zoom meeting with people, we don't feel that we're present with them in one space. Yes, we can enjoy the conversation, but we're still feeling physically disconnected.

CryptoRebel + SMC Capital brings you NEW series of online VR immersive events where you finally can feel connected with the industry leaders in our EXCLUSIVE VR SPACE.

Come join our monthly online VR events with immersive experience for venture capitalists, crypto exchanges, traders and startups. Here you can get exposure, find new customers, investors, team members & friends, and new business opportunities.

We will gather in a brand new virtual space designed by Crypto Rebel for a uniquely immersive event. To join, a link will be provided to selected attendees and speakers. To check out the venue, press play here for a sneak preview.
Organized by
Crypto Rebel
Crypto Rebel is launching in April 2020 to provide unparalleled experience in events and media to crypto, blockchain and tech communities.

SMC Capital
SMC Capital is an NYC-based venture fund and advisory firm focused exclusively on projects and tokens related to blockchain infrastructure and digital currency.
INVEST & TRADE by the numbers
Join market leaders who will discuss the latest trends in the time of global pandemic
1 keynote, 1 panel discussion

Market update from the leading trading company
Only valuable connections

Meet our speakers
Industry leaders who will share their vision. Want to speak? Write at
John Slyusarev
Managing Partner at SMC Capital
Moderator: Ollie Leech
Chief Editor at Bitcoinist
Mik Mironov
Partner at SMC Capital
Stay tuned! More speakers to be announced soon.
Featured companies attending
August 29 (UK time)
2:00 – 2.10 pm
2:00 – 2.10 pm
Welcome and show tour of virtual space
2.10 - 2.15 pm
2.10 - 2.15 pm
Opening speech by the organisers
2.15 - 2.30 pm
2.15 - 2.30 pm
Crypto market update from TBA
TBA, Crypto Trading Fund or Exchange
2:30 -3:00 pm
2:30 -3:00 pm
Panel discussion: VC Investments in 2020 post epidemic world
Moderator: Ollie Leech, Co-founder at Crypto Rebel


3.00 - 3.15 pm
3.00 - 3.15 pm
Trading strategies for crypto portfolio growth, summer 2020
TBA, Crypto Trading Fund or Exchange
3:15 -3:45 pm
3:15 -3:45 pm
Panel discussion: Crypto market outlook for 2020-2021, how money are to be made

Moderator: Mik Mironov, Partner at SMC Capital
TBA Crypto Hedge Funds and traders

3.45 – 4:00 pm
3.45 – 4:00 pm
Q&A and Networking. Event ends 4pm UK time.
4:00 pm
4:00 pm
Event ends
Every attendee should pre-register with the link received to the virtual space, identify with either LinkedIn or Twitter
At SMC Capital we pride ourselves on the quality of our events and see them as an opportunity to further share our knowledge. Check out videos from Tokenize it! NYC and Opening of Singapore Blockchain Week. Stay tuned for the official launch of our bold & new Crypto Rebel brand!
Tokenize it! NYC
Opening of Singapore Blockchain Week
Join us to discuss the latest trends of crypto and blockchain industry in 2020
Only 25 spots available