Crypto Rebel launches weekly review of the NFT market. We select top sales on trending platforms including crypto collectibles, football cards, digital art and land in virtual worlds - items with the best value each week.
NFTs Weekly - Jan'22
In Focus:
- Weekly NFT sales are up 12% from the week before reaching USD 3.6mio.

- SORARE platform with football cards shows best weekly sales growth by USD volume as the card for Joshua Kimmich from Bayern Munchen auctioned for $30k;

- Axie Infinity (game crypto collectibles) sales climbed to close to $200k as game native token SLP resumed gains on Binance - up 30%;

- French Consensys team launched Cometh - NFT DEFI retro space game with yield earning. Game native token MUST launched on Uniswap three days ago recorded x2.

- The First Ever Edition Of Rick And Morty Cryptoart in a form of NFT sold for $150k on Gemini-owned Nifty.

Market Overview.

Last week (Jan'14-Jan'21, 2020) the market total sales of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) amounted to $3.6mio with a total 15,512 items sold (+39%) and the average price per item of $235 USD (-29%)

Top 5 NFT platforms by sales:
Top sales.

Last week the top selling platforms saw a reshuffle with SORARE taking the first place by sales volume. CryptoPunks sales decreased c.40% while digital art on SuperRare is up 25% in USD and 30% by items sold.

In this overview we cover the 3 best selling items on the top 5 platforms by sales volume.
Fast-growing fantasy football game with the tradable NFT items. It has secured rights with the giants like Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich and many other clubs in Europe and Asia. Unique trading cards have bids on average above $5k.
1. Joshua Kimmich 2020-21
Sale Price: ETH 23 ($29,515)

Unique player card (only issued once per season) of 25 year-old soccer player Joshua Kimmich from German Bayern Munchen club. This NFT was created only 8 days ago and was purchased by an unnamed dealer of football cards.

2. Lorenzo Insigne 2020-21
Sale Price: ETH 8.6 ($10,312)

This other item was also first created 8 days ago and has been sold once for 8.662 ETH since January 8! This unique player card features Lorenzo Insigne, captain of Italian club Napoli.

3. Eden Hazard 2020-21
Sale Price: ETH 4.3 ($5,258)

A very recently created item that has been sold once for 4.384 ETH on January 15. With this card, meet Eden Hazard from the infamous Spanish Real Madrid club.

SuperRare is currently trending as the #1 platform for selling digital art. AI-generated art works on SuperRare were one of the most valuable pieces sold last week.
1. Alan Turing - Decentral Eyes - Variant 01
Sale Price: ETH 25 ($30,504)

Created by award-winning mixed media artist Coldie using 10+ images to generate a decentralized portrait of famous pioneer in computing and cryptography, Alan Turing. This artwork explores a variety of typography and handwritten messages written by Turing, and bought by digital art buyer fastackl for 25 ETH.

Video available on SuperRare.
2. Flood - Edition 1 of 1
Sale Price: ETH 17.5 ($21,872)

This virtual art-work was created by artist Hackatao and inspired by a modern day problem, the adaptation to climate change. The work was created for the Hackatao Fight Fear exhibition. It was first bought two years ago for 2 ETH, and sold two days ago for 17.5 ETH.

GIF video available on SuperRare.
3. DANCE - Edition 1 of 1
Sale Price: ETH 17 ($19,985)

This virtual art-work was created 8 days ago by artist mbsjq, creator Of Astro & The Universe, and Hackatao and features music by Jokreg. It was sold for 17 ETH. Video is available for viewing here.

NB: Video, available for viewing on SuperRare
he Oldest digital collectible ever becomes a popular investment. Punks (or rather their NFTs) created several years ago are being sold for up to $100k+ per item. However, Newly minted punks are priced at less than $100.
1. CryptoPunk #3831
Sale Price: ETH 60 ($71,968)

This is a 1 of 88 Zombie punks with Vampire Hair, Big Shades and a Medical Mask It was minted 4 years ago and was traded 5 times during these years. Initial purchase price in 2017 was 1Ξ ($269), 9.95Ξ ($1,803) in 2019, 65Ξ ($22,491) in 2020 and finally it was sold for $71,968 (60 ETH) 3 days ago by digital art dealer 2pac to an unnamed dealer.

2. CryptoPunk #6649
Sale Price: ETH 45 ($53,983)

This is another 1 of 88 Zombie punks with Front Beard and Crazy Hair. It was first sold for 1.9 ETH in 2018, and was sold once again by digital art dealer 2pac 4 days ago to an unnamed dealer for 45 ETH.

3. CryptoPunk #8562
Sale Price: ETH 30 ($37,936)

This punk is a male, wearing a beanie and earring. First valued at a 0.18 ETH three years ago, it was sold five days ago for 30 ETH.

Art Blocks
Art Blocks is a platform for computer generated art or content. Users can create unique iterations of algorithmic art by minting NFTs on the platform. You get a random and unique iteration in one of the eight projects. Items from Chromie Squiggle and Ignition projects made the top-3 sales last week.
1. Chromie Squiggle #2483
Sale Price: WETH 4.5 ($5,528)

This virtual art-work represents the brightness of a rainbow draped over the ups and downs of our lives and was created (with the help of Ai) 2 months ago and sold 4 days ago for 9 ETH.

Chromie Squiggle was created and sold by a digital art dealer kyloren to an active collector known as illestrater on OpenSea.

2. Ignition #74
Sale Price: WETH 4.5 ($5,469)

This virtual art-work was created (with the help of Ai) 13 days ago by ge1doot as part of a project made of a limited series of interactive 3D structures. It went from 0.15 ETH 13 days ago to being sold 4.5 ETH 3 days go to VonMises.

NB: Video, available for viewing on Art Blocks
3. Chromie Squiggle #3535
Sale Price: WETH 4.4 ($5,469)

Another artwork from the "Chromie Squiggle" serie with its recognisable rainbow colours. First created 1 month ago and valued at 0.035 ETH, it was sold 3 days ago for 4.4 ETH

NB: Video, available for viewing on Art Blocks
Decentraland is an Ethereum blockchain-powered virtual world where users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. Users need to own or rent land if they want to build and work with their content in this world. Each land piece is represented by a LAND token that is 16x16m2. Land pieces can be sold as an Estate (EST) if they are connected to one another. MANA is a native token of Decentraland posted strong +30% weekly growth at the time of writing.
1. Estate #3668
Sale Price: MANA 198,000 ($27,367)

This estate is closely connected to #366 and #3667 we reported in our previous report. It is near District X, and closest to coordinates X: -124, Y:31 (of estate 3667).

2. Estate #3551
Sale Price: MANA 89,999 ($12,245)

2,048m2 or 8 LAND, this estate is located near District 5.83 and 7 to to the road, coordinates X: 60, Y: 32.

3. Estate #3819
Sale Price: MANA 79,897 ($10,627)

1,536m2 or 6 LAND and located near Dragon District, coordinates X: 48, Y:-40.5.

Mik Mironov
January, 15 / 2020