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Binance <> CoinMarketCap M&A deal
Crypto Rebel is launching in beta and will feature an article about the acquisition of CMC by Binance. The acquisition is rumoured to have cost Binance $400 million. We'd love our crypto friends to share feedback and opinion about this deal. By answering this questionnaire you help us create better expert analytics and will be among the first invited members to receive our news.
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Do you think Binances acquisition of CMC will improve the websites data reliability and integrity?
Do you think its possible for CMC to remain a neutral and unbiased website after the acquisition?
With so many other coin index options available, such as Coingecko and CryptoCompare, do you think Binance made the right decision acquiring Coinmarketcap?
Do you think Binance should continue to allow all crypto tokens to be listed on Coinmarketcap, or vet and remove widely known scam tokens from the index?
What do you think is the fair price for the CMC and Binance M&A deal?
Do you share some of below analysts comments about the deal valuation?
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